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MCouns, BA(Double Major Psych), Dip.Mus., AD App.Sc(Ambulance), PACFA Reg. Prov, MQCA(Prov), CCAA I have a double major degree in psychology and a Masters degree in counselling from the University of Queensland, graduating with academic excellence (GPA 6.71). I have been a casual staff member of the Psychology Department of the University of Queensland teaching postgraduate students about the neurobiology of trauma. I also have academic qualifications in music from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, including postgraduate studies in composition, and applied science in paramedic studies. I have had a broad and eclectic career in music composition, business management, ambulance, publishing, and counselling. A decade as an advanced care paramedic has given me an appreciation for the trauma and health issues many people face.

My passion today is in the emerging field of neuropsychotherapy—a multidisciplinary perspective on talking therapies primarily focused on contemporary neuroscience informing psychotherapy—both in clinical practice and in educating individuals and groups. I am a registered member of the Queensland Counsellors Association and the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia, both of which are constituent members of the Psychotherapy and Counsellors Federation of Australia, and abide by the QCA and PACFA code of ethics and professional conduct, and professional development requirements.

I am a Priority One external counsellor for the Queensland Ambulance Service, founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Neuropsychotherapist, Chief Editor of the International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy, Managing Director of The Neuropsychotherapy Institute, and member of the Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies and the Australasian Society For Traumatic Stress Studies. My therapeutic orientation is an amalgamation of powerful interventions such as Coherence Therapy, and Emotion Focused Therapy, while being informed by the meta-framework of neuropsychotherapy. Read more about my process here. Colleagues, find me on ResearchGate.

Selected Writings

Matthew Dahlitz is highly recommended for those in the teaching profession. His experience in neuroscience and counselling therapies can assist educators who are struggling with excessive workloads, staff and administrative relationships, parent issues, student concerns as well as the general stress and anxiety that comes with a highly demanding profession. Matthew’s confidentiality and professional care provides, not only a safe environment but also strategies to promote wellness and the ability to manage difficult situations.

Karen Ferry
Teacher & Therapist, Brain Smart Education

My role as a chaplain in a primary school can be emotionally, politically and relationally challenging. Matt’s style of guided self discovery and his unique, judgement-free knack of helping you identify unhelpful thoughts and the source of those thoughts has been crucial to allowing me to grow and function effectively through some very challenging issues. I have experienced genuine healing through his help in establishing more healthy patterns of thought around personal and professional issues.