Effective Solutions for Common Issues

Neuropsychotherapy is an approach that can help many of the common difficulties people face today

I believe everyone deserves to thrive in life.

Sometimes we need to lean on someone who understands when we are not in that place of thriving. I know how brains work, the science of relationships, and the complexities of life in a way that can help.

By rewiring our brain we can resolve issues and create new and adaptive ways of thriving in life. Below are a few of the areas that are within the scope of my practice:


Stress, anxiety and depression are becoming an all too common experience for many of us. The fast pace of life, overwhelming demands, and a sense of isolation in a superficially connected society can be an assault on our sense of self, safety, acceptance, and just being ‘good enough’. Often it’s not any one ‘big thing’ that’s overwhelming us, but an accumulation of lots of little stressors that quickly add up—and almost by stealth, overtake us


Strong-connection–Portrait-SWhen relationships are not working out, in marriage, with family or friends, at work or with our neighbours, it can be very stressful. Understanding why we relate to people the way we do, how our unique past experiences have shaped our “social brain”, can be empowering knowledge to help us connect better in all our relationships. I can help you identify your unique way of responding to others and find what “hidden” past experiences may be still influencing you to be the way you are.


Ambulance car speeding, blurred motionTrauma, loss and grief, are common human experiences that occur on a continuum from what you may dismiss as an insignificant event, to big events like the loss of a loved one or a significant threat to your life. The impact of trauma can become buried down deep in our unconscious, yet have a disruptive effect on our day-to-day lives. Often we have to re-discover what these things are and how they have been influencing our behaviour and thoughts before we can move on. Integrating such fragments of the past into our sense of self and the world can be an important part of healing.


Life is full of challenges:

  • Major shifts and changes in your circumstances
  • Dealing with illness or chronic pain
  • Feeling isolated and sidelined
  • Trapped by internet porn
  • Addicted to social media
  • Juggling too much at home and work
  • Coping through self-harm
  • Simply being overwhelmed
    We can face these things together and having the support of an understanding counsellor can make all the difference.

Creative Arts

Violin, Classical shape with Space for text.Musicians, performing artists, creatives: Matthew has a background in the arts, specifically sound recording and composition, and understands some of the creative and performance pressures on artists today. He is a graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium, has written and recorded serious art music, pop music, produced music videos and scored for film. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or some other emotional or psychological hinderance to your creative output, Matthew has the skills to help you navigate back to the energetic and creative artist you need to be.

Emergency Services & Armed Forces

Matthew has spent a decade as an advanced care paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service and understands the unique pressures that emergency services personnel experience. He has also grown up as part of the armed forces family with a father who was a Wing Commander of 12 squadron in the RAAF. Both direct and vicarious trauma can have an adverse affect on emergency services and armed forces personnel as well as the non-traumatic aspects of shift-work, deployment and work politics. Matthew has “been there, done that” in the paramedic setting and has the tools and background to help you through whatever difficulties you are experiencing in your service on the frontline.

Matthew is a QAS Priority One external counsellor.