Virtual Therapy

Skype Counselling

Sometimes distance can be an issue when looking for a counselling service, especially when working remotely for extended periods. Counselling over Skype may be an option, depending on the nature of the issue to be explored. If you are within a reasonable driving distance from a competent counsellor, it is preferable that you seek in-person therapy. There are some interpersonal dynamics that are missed when you are not in physical proximity of your counsellor. Nevertheless, distance can be a barrier and Skype may be an effective alternative for getting help.

Skype counselling is suitable if you:

  • Are over 18 year old
  • Have a broadband internet connection and Skype
  • You do not have any suicidal or homicidal intent

If you would like to engage with me in a Skype counselling session, please contact me first (email or phone) so we can discuss your needs and the appropriateness of Skype counselling.